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Shipping and transportation
from EUR 0.69 / km

  • Immediate collection
  • Directly from door to door without reloading
  • Up to 2,800kg payload per truck
  • Up to 15 spaces for Euro pallets
  • Loading from the side, from above and from behind
  • Lifting platform, notification, transport helpers …

Transport freight to and from Germany at the best price with transmovia

transmovia is Germany’s innovative booking portal for all your courier shipments and transports to all of Europe. Transport your freight to Germany safely, quickly and reliably today.

transmovia provides you with a selection of different vans, sprinters and trucks. In a few seconds you will receive an offer tailored to your freight at a fixed price – and not only save time, but also money.

Very good price-performance ratio, pick-up and delivery on time, excellent customer service

The booking process with transmovia is simple and straightforward. This enables us to deliver your freight quickly and reliably. Thanks to the cooperation with the strongest forwarding companies in Europe, you not only benefit from the express courier service when transporting your goods, goods, furniture, parcels, but also receive smooth and fast processing of your orders.

Use our courier service and book your free vehicle online and save valuable time – no annoying waiting until your forwarding request is answered and coordinated. With transmovia, you can transport your freight directly from door to door to all of Europe at a significantly lower price than with a classic forwarding agency!

In just a few steps to the transport order

Sending freight has never been easier. Simply enter the location, date, time of pick-up and delivery and choose the right vehicle. Once you have decided on the best price, just tell us the dimensions, weight and type of freight and book a free vehicle directly.

After booking, you no longer need to wait for confirmation. We transport directly across Germany and Europe without detours.

Pay transport costs online

Transmovia customers pay securely and conveniently online with the payment method of your choice: Pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Professional courier service for all of Europe

Courier Transport Express – Regardless of whether the package is to be delivered to a recipient in Germany or another country in the European Union, you can easily instruct us – the transmovia courier service will deliver your freight on time. We offer domestic and foreign courier services in cooperation with professional courier companies with a dense network of forwarders across Europe. Do you need a cheap courier service? Let us transport!

At transmovia, we focus on fast and safe transport within Germany and from here to other countries. Good communication and smooth processing are our top priorities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or advise you directly on the phone.

  • Transport to Berlin
  • Transport to Braunschweig
  • Transport to Dortmund
  • Transport to Düsseldorf
  • Transport to Essen
  • Transport to Frankfurt am Main
  • Transport to Hamburg
  • Transport to Cologne
  • Transport to Karlsruhe
  • Transport to Mannheim
  • Transport to Munich

  • Direct trip from Germany to Spain
  • Direct trip from France to Poland
  • Direct trip from Germany to Italy
  • Direct trip from England to Austria
  • Direct trip from Switzerland to Luxembourg
  • Direct trip from Germany to France
  • Direct trip from Spain to Italy
  • Direct trip from Germany to Great Britain
  • Direct trip from the Czech Republic to Portugal
  • Direct trip from Germany to Holland
  • Direct trip from the Netherlands to Croatia

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